Apply or Sign Up to be a Vendor at this Season's Market!

No application required for Antique / Vintage dealers and Food Vendors! However, we ask that you read the following information carefully regarding regulations and restricted items. If you wish to participate, please email or call (802) 365-1752 to sign up.

All handmade vendors: makers, farmers and bakers must submit an application to be reviewed by the Newfane Flea Jury Committee to determine eligibility. It is expected that all goods sold throughout the season are reasonably similar in style to those approved by the Jury Committee. There is no fee to apply. A link to the application can be found at the bottom of this page.

Eligible Vendors include:

  • Makers and Crafters : those who create unique, original, well-made goods by hand. Preference will be given to those local to the Newfane, Vermont area (within 1 hour drive) who run their own small business.

  • Vintage and Antique Resellers : those selling carefully curated items including: clothing, records, home goods, furniture, books, ephemera, etc. that are in good condition and have reasonable market value.

  • Farmers and Bakers : those selling produce, plants, flowers or value-added Agricultural products grown made on their farm. Bakers selling fresh goods produced by them (or the business they represent) in a regulation kitchen. Preference will be given to those local to the Newfane, Vermont area (within 1 hour drive) who own and run their own small business.

  • Food Vendors : those selling prepared, made-to-order meals and foods made in a regulation kitchen.*

*Special Requirements for Food Vendors: Food Vendors (including bakers) are required to display a valid copy of a VT State Board of Health Food License and are also required to obtain FLIP insurance (or other food-specific product liability coverage) covering $1million in product liability/$2 million aggregate naming “The Original Newfane Flea Market inc.” and "Valiant Flea LLC" in the policy. Food Vendors are required to have a 20 gallon (or larger) trash bin in close proximity of their space. Vendors are expected to pack out all trash and waste. It is expected that any vendor handling food or food products employ the utmost care with regards to proper hygiene practices and sanitation. Food vendors are encouraged to use low-impact, environmentally friendly materials whenever possible.

Once accepted into the Market, each vendor will be able to pick and choose their desired dates of participation in 2-month waves. For example: in May, a vendor may choose to vend 2 weekends in June and weekend in July and will pre-pay for those dates at that time. In July, they will be able to choose dates for August and September, etc, etc.

Once paid, the vendor fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you miss a date, you will forfeit your vendor fees and cannot use them towards a future market. In the event of Market cancelation due to extreme weather, a credit will be applied to future market bookings. Fees vary depending on type of vendor. See below.


  • The sale or attempted sale of firearms or ammunition is strictly prohibited on the premises of the Newfane Flea Market.

  • The sale or attempted sale of drugs of any kind is strictly prohibited on the premises of the Newfane Flea Market. Due to the terms of our insurance policy, this also includes ALL Cannabis and Cannabis products including THC or CBD.

  • The sale or attempted sale of any type of explosives, including Class C Fireworks is strictly prohibited on the premises of the Newfane Flea Market.

  • The sale or attempted sale of any merchandise that infringes on State or Federal copyright licensing--i.e. “knockoffs” and “bootlegs” is strictly prohibited on the premises of the Newfane Flea Market.

  • Any vendor in violation of these rules will be asked to leave immediately and not be invited to return asa vendor. Any pre-paid vendor fees will be forfeited.

Please note that the Newfane Flea is a safe and inclusive event. Any products/ goods/ merchandise that has potential to cause harm to the greater community will be subject to immediate removal and potential vendor dismissal. There will be zero tolerance for products or behavior that discriminates based on race, gender, ethnicity, sex, religion, disability, national origin, etc.

Vendor Fees :

Fee Scale is as follows:

  • Makers/Crafters and Vintage Clothing: $40/day for 10x10 ft booth space*. Add 50% for shared booths.

  • Antique & Ephemera Dealers: $30/day for 10x10 ft booth space*. Add 50% for shared booths.

  • Farmers/Bakers: $25/day for 10x10 ft booth space*.

  • Food Vendors: $100/day for 15x15ft space with access to electricity**.

ALL TRASH is to be collected and removed at the end of day by the vendor.

*OR length of vehicle

Important Things to Note :

  • Vendors are responsible for providing their own tents, tables, chairs and merchandising props. All tents MUST be weighted or staked down at the start of the event. Any injuries incurred by failure to properly secure tents will be the sole responsibility of the vendor and not the Newfane Flea Market or the Market Manager.

  • This event is RAIN OR SHINE! In the event of torrential rain or extreme weather, the market will be postponed and credit will be given to pre-paid vendors for future market events.

  • All vendors must remain “open for business” throughout the duration of the event.

  • Vendors are expected to be fully set up and ready for business at the time of the Market opening. Vendors may arrive any time on Sunday from 7:00 am to 8:45 am. Booth spaces will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Vendors may park their vehicles directly behind their booths or in the public parking area.

  • With the exception of Food Vendors, electricity is not available on the grounds. Generators are prohibited.

  • Vendors are responsible for removing any and all trash and debris from their booth area before they depart at end of day. Failure to do so will result in a fine applied to any future bookings.

  • No dogs (except for service dogs, which must be leashed) are allowed on the property during Market hours.

Taxes and Insurance:

  • All vendors are responsible for collecting the appropriate VT State Sales Tax for their business. The Newfane Flea Market is not responsible for any fines or penalties incurred by vendors for failure to comply with state of federal tax codes. *Food Vendors are responsible for collecting VT Meals and Rooms Tax.

  • The Newfane Flea Market is covered by a limited liability insurance plan. The insurance does not cover product liability for individual vendors. Any vendors who wish to secure product liability coverage for their products must do so at their own expense. *Food vendors are required to obtain FLIP (or other food-specific) insurance naming “The Original Newfane Flea Market inc”.

  • Neither the Newfane Flea Market nor the Market Manager are responsible for items damaged or lost at the market.

Help us grow on Social Media!

The success of this event is based on patron turnout. We are lucky enough to be situated in a well-traveled thoroughfare, with an entrance to the Market easily accessible off of Route 30. We will be investing considerable resources into advertising through print and radio and other local news outlets such as Front Porch Forum, Brattleboro Chamber of Commerce, etc. We will also have rack cards placed in rest areas and welcome centers along local boarders and in local Inns, B&B’s and other high traffic areas. In this day and age, a huge resource for free advertising is through the use of social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. We ask that all vendors who are able participate in our advertising campaign through posting Market-related content on Instagram and tagging the Market: @newfaneflea. This helps us grow our reach and expand our web of potential patrons. We appreciate your participation!

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